Health Promotion & Health Protection

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    Online (Asynchronous)



Module Overview:

You will develop a foundation in the disciplines of health protection and promotion. You will be introduced to the key concepts of health protection (infectious diseases, environmental and emergency preparedness planning) and then focus on the identification, confirmation and control of infectious disease outbreaks, applying basic epidemiological methodologies. Supported by your tutors, peers and various educational resources (video lectures and recommended scientific texts), you will apply this knowledge to a number of realistic outbreak scenarios.
You will also be introduced to the different strategies and frameworks underpinning health promotion, including their ethical considerations. Combining these with content from previous modules (such as social determinants of health), you will be supported to develop health promotion strategies in areas of interest to you.
You will be provided with feedback on these scenarios and strategies to help you check your understanding of each topic. Most of the learning will be delivered asynchronously supplemented by weekly online tutorial sessions. You will also develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, communication, and appraising evidence to provide innovative solutions that can help improve health.
The assessment for this module is a 2000-word health promotion strategy on how to prevent an outbreak (50%) and a poster outlining the response to the outbreak using health protection principles (50%). assessment marks.

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