Cash and Market based programming in crisis settings

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    Online (Asynchronous)



Module Overview:

Cash and vouchers assistance (CVA) is used at scale to respond to emergencies. As per the latest State of the World of Cash report, CVA represented in 2019 almost 18% of the total humanitarian assistance delivered, a 100% increased from 2016. CVA is one option humanitarian organisations envisioned to do more with less and in a way that emphasises crisis affected household choice and dignity. Yet, it is difficult to close the skill gaps on the topic. While there are a few cash and market courses targeting practitioners, this class offers students a combination of lectures and practical exercises on the topic. It is open to students who have previous knowledge of the aid world and of the project cycle. The course will start with an introduction to the humanitarian system and how cash and based programming have emerged. It will then move on to describing and explaining the potential for cash to be used to deliver humanitarian projects as well as the extent to which market-based programming can further support the economic recovery of a given crisis affected area. Secondly, the course will discuss practical considerations that make the use of cash an appropriate option. The concepts discussed during the lectures will then be applied as students will be asked, in group, to discuss the modality choice for a given project.

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10 Weeks

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Not Applicable

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Essay and Group Presentation