Complex Humanitarian Emergencies & Responses

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    Hybrid (Synchronous Online or Face-to-Face)



Module Overview:

In this module we will explore some of the theories related to the onset of violent conflicts leading to serious humanitarian crises, illustrate these theories by looking at specific case studies of recent complex humanitarian emergencies such as the war in Yemen, the conflict in Libya, the 1990ies wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone and others. We will then investigate what challenges these contexts create for international, national and local Humanitarian actors in practice, and will focus on questions of managing risks, creating humanitarian spaces and engaging with local stakeholders. The module will conclude by examining the role and importance of media in our understanding and response to such emergencies and illustrate how humanitarian actors have used media for advocacy or international action yet have become dependent on media attention.

Module Details:

Course Length (weeks):

6 Weeks

Duration of face to face teaching:

5 weeks

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