English Language requirements

What level of English is needed?
A C1 level will be required in English. Unless you are from a majority English-speaking country you will need a certification to prove your level.

Nationals from which countries are exempt from taking any English language test?
Countries considered by UK Visas and Immigration to be English speaking are listed here.
This webpage is updated regularly so please refer to this. Please note that this list is determined by the UK’s Home Office, not by The University of Manchester.

What are the English language requirements for Canadian nationals?
For candidates outside of Quebec, the University can simply vouch for them without requiring a SELT (Standard English Language Test). Applicants from Quebec will need to provide their High School Diploma with additional evidence that the medium of teaching was in English.

What are the English language requirements for EU candidates?
As an EU student does not require a student visa, we do not legally require an English test to satisfy it. However, it is University policy to ensure that its students have English language skills sufficient for them to thrive; we can simply be a little more flexible. For example, provided we can demonstrate that we have taken reasonable steps to establish the candidate’s level of English in an interview and/or writing sample seen by the programme director, we can waive a SELT requirement for bilingual students / those who have studied undergraduate level English / those who have lived in an English speaking country for a while. However, if we are not asking for a SELT and cannot demonstrate evidence that the student’s English is up to scratch, and the student struggles or fails, then the University could rightly be accused of being negligent of the student’s needs.

Can a candidate waive the English language test requirement if they have work or domestic experience in an English speaking country?
The admissions team can use the candidate’s cover letter and domestic experience of living in an English speaking country to waive the test, though a telephone interview between the student and the programme director would be recommended so that they can confirm in an email for the record that the student’s English is sufficient.

Can a candidate waive the English language test requirement if they have studied a degree in English/in an English speaking country?
English language requirements may be waived for holders of bachelor’s degrees or higher from the list of countries issued by the Home Office deemed to be majority English-speaking, as well as degrees from Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The programme must have been completed in the last seven years for this to be a possibility.

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