Transferring credits

Can students transfer credits from another course to supplement the LEAP programme?
Yes, this is possible under the Principles and Guidance for the Application of the Accreditation of Prior Learning (AP(E)L): see the policy document here.
Where the PG Certificate is a standalone programme, AP(E)L will be permitted up to a maximum of 15 credits.
Where the PG Diploma is a standalone programme, AP(E)L will be permitted for up to a maximum of 45 credits.
Master’s Degree: 60 (not dissertation or equivalent).

Is it possible for a student to progress from a PG Cert onto the next level of the programme if they did not originally apply for it?
Yes. We want to make the course as flexible as a possible. You can only exit with one certificate, but if you haven’t exited from the programme you can progress to the next level if you have passed all the course units adequately.
For MSF candidates, this needs to be agreed with your sponsor Operational Centre (OC).

Can a student take a course unit as a standalone course?
MSF staff can take a standalone course unit as a CPD unit (Continuing Professional Development). The application and fees for this will need to be discussed with the relevant OC.
This option is currently not available to external candidates.